Report:Battle of bottom link Round 3 2021 Tsukuba circuit 1000

We took 3rd place in the 2 Hour Endurance BOBL race held at Tsukuba Circuit 1000 in Japan.




With so many prestigious teams in attendance, we are very happy with our 3rd place finish.

In the OILSEAL team member's sprint, in the BOBL's top race GP class #62 was 1st in Heat1 and 4th in Heat2. In the Normal class final #45 finished with Heat 1 in 2nd place and Heat 2 in 3rd place.





We race with bottom-link suspensions made by 1964 which are low-spec so there were many breakdowns and falls.




Our fellow competitors, who are also obsessed with racing in such difficult conditions and who have the same “MIND”, are like our friends.




We believe that BOBL races are the best bottom-link suspension races in the world, not just because of the speed we find, but because we can face our vintage motorcycles and laugh with our comrades, no matter what situation arises.

We will be ready to get the most enjoyment out of the next race as well!


Special Thanks